Instant analysis and reporting

Get a property valuation instantly and generate your report online.

Accurate and Field Tested

We are appraisers first. Behind the evaluations, the algorithm is regularly updated and validated by professionals before being offered to the public.

User Friendly
cloud application

The tool is an intuitive and user friendly cloud application and you benefit from the latest features and algorithm upgrade

Valuation Professional Confirmed Data

Our algorithm uses property valuations based on criteria verified by Valbridge Property Advisors professionals

How Does it Work?

Valnow’s Unique AVM Process

Fifteen minutes, start to finish!
Valnow analyzes market values using Valbridge Property Advisors historical valuations and multiple powerful artificial intelligence algorithms capitalizing on the market expertise of the best local valuation professionals. The data is collected, cleaned, enriched and used to train our models. The results are then analysed and validated prior to presentation to our users.

User Input Specifics

  • Enter property type and property address - Valnow will determine whether the property type and location are supported by Valnow
  • If the property type is multifamily, industrial, office, or retail in a market that Valnow is currently supporting, proceed to Step 2.
  • If Valnow is unable to assist with your valuation problem, we recommend contacting a Valbridge Property Advisors office for additional valuation options.
  • Enter physical characteristics of the property to be analyzed

    Physical characteristics

  • Enter the financial characteristics of the property, if available

    Financial characteristics

    The Valnow analysis is enhanced when the analysis includes the properties financial characteristics.
  • Confirm that the property information has been entered accurately
  • Run Analysis
  • Prior to purchase, a Confidence Score associated with your property's analysis is provided. The confidence score represents a secondary machine learning analysis to determine the level of confidence Valnow has that the valuation is reliable.
  • As the user, you will determine if the Confidence Score adequately addresses your valuation problem prior to paying for the analysis.
  • Only pay for the analysis if the Confidence score is adequate for your specific valuation problem.

  • Reveal analysis results, provide print ready Valnow report, purchase the analysis.
  • Report example

    Select the valuation service that best matches the intended user for the valuation analysis

    Who Can Benefit From Valnow?

    All sectors of the commercial real estate market can benefit by using Valnow as a quick and economical tool to assist with asset analysis.


    • Underwriting for Loans Below DeMinimis
    • Instantaneous Preliminary Credit Analysis
    • Existing Loan Monitoring

    Asset Managers

    • Current Value Analysis


    • Assist with Listing Presentations
    • Replaces a Broker Price Attention


    • Acquisition Property Screening

    Ad Valorem Tax Advisors

    • Focus on Assets with the Most Opportunity

    Property Owners

    • Instant Refresh on Current Value


    • Current Value Report


    • Cutting Edge Check on Value
    • 4th Approach to Value

    401(k) Fiduciaries

    • Annual Asset Reporting


    • Immediate Value Reference


    Valbridge Property Advisors provides the commercial real estate industry a full continuum of valuation and consulting services ranging from Valnow valuations, evaluations, to in-depth appraisals.
    Valnow represents one of several technologies placing Valbridge Property Advisors at the leading edge of the commercial valuation industry.

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