Who We Are

Valnow represents the perfect partnership of Valbridge Property Advisors top quality transaction data, valuation expertise, and forward thinking technical skills resulting in the best commercial automated valuation model (AVM) on the market.

Perfect Combination

For a World Class Commercial AVM, the following elements are essential:

Current accurate data - We’ve got it!

Refined application of artificial intelligence technologies - We’ve got it!

A team of experienced data experts, technology experts, and valuation experts - We’ve got it!

Highest Quality Data

Valbridge Property Advisors has 80 offices, 200 MAI’s and over 675 total appraisers generating the highest quality commercial data.

Valbridge Property Advisors professionals extensively research, confirm, verify, and review all transactional data that is used in the Valnow analysis.

World Class Data Scientist

A world class team of artificial intelligence data scientists continuously update the machine learning algorithms. Valbridge Property Advisors generates hundreds of appraisals per week which results in an ever expanding dataset for more refined artificial intelligence analysis.

Valuation Analysis Expertise

Decades of MAI level valuation expertise provides a significant contribution to the success of Valnow analyses.