Why Valnow

Valbridge Property Advisors uses a proprietary cloud based data management system to maximize the data potential from all of the data created by over 675 appraisers across the United States. The data is collected, cleaned, enriched and used to train our models using the latest machine learning technology to provide the highest credibility valuations:

  • Instant commercial property valuation powered by TUCO Tech’s exclusive Artificial Intelligence
  • Valuations across the United States
  • Easy to navigate cutting edge technology
  • An ideal application for machine learning
  • Property types: Industrial, Multifamily, Office, and Retail

The results of an Valnow valuation is not an appraisal. The results may be used as part of an appraisal, but only licensed appraisers are permitted to create appraisals.

Always understand what you are buying before you pay

Satisfaction Protection

  • Prior to purchase, a Confidence Score associated with your property's analysis is provided. The confidence score represents a secondary machine learning analysis to determine the level of confidence Valnow has that the valuation is reliable.
  • As the user, you will determine if the Confidence Score adequately addresses your valuation problem prior to paying for the analysis.
  • Only pay for the analysis if the Confidence score is adequate for your specific valuation problem.

  • Instant analysis and reporting

    Get a property valuation instantly and generate your report online.